Sunday, March 2, 2014

§TA§O§ - Chapter 6 - THE THIEF'S THEME - 3/3 - PART 2 of 2

I was at one end of the block.
Tod was at the other end of the block.
I was walking with my chest yolked out like Popeye on Spinach.
Tod was poking around, peeking here and there, unaware I was even coming at him -
That is -
Until I let him know -

“YO! BRO!”

I yelled down the block in the deepest
Most lowest
Most mighty range I could muster.

Tod looks up like WTF -
Sees me walking at him in all my winter layers
Like some cumulus billow of rolling thunder.

“I'm not playing around,” I told him, “You got my sign or not?”

I know, I know -
All this anger and angst over a piece of cardboard
That says CUP of SOUP?
Ridiculous, I know.
But look and listen here, most beloved Reader.
If you haven't already come to terms with the fact that your narrator
Is a Ridiculous (albeit Determined) character,
Then it's probably in your best interest to start reading
Here and there
More often,
In general
And a little closer like

| between |

My CUP of SOUP? Sign
Was the reason I could financially support
My Writing – my Work – my Duty
Without having to speed off to a Food Kitchen.
My CUP of SOUP? Sign
Was the reason I could afford a Locker Apartment
So I didn't have to lug a suitcase of clothes around town.
My CUP of SOUP? Sign
Was Da Bombest of Da Bomb Signs of Wintertime NYC
Which in conjunction with
Da Bombest of Da Bomb U.S.A. Citizens
Made it possible for me to actually function
At a level of -


Almost equal to that of a normal Human Being.
Could I have made another one?
O Sure.
But face it, baby -
At this point, it was both personal and a matter of principle.

And what was Tod up to while I was trompsin' forth?

Tod was frowning.
Tod was snarling.
Tod was probably almost pissed as I was
And looking ready to push 'N shove
'N try 'N beat me up.

“Yo, what's your deal, Bro?” he starts, “I told you I don't have a clue 'bout what sign you're talking about!”

I was still approaching.

“You sure that's the Truth?”

Tod pulls his pants down; I stopped the approach.

“Search me Bro,” he said, “Come on, have a look around,” he continued, “But don't come mobbin' down the block with your 'YO BRO,' accusing me of stealing when you got absolutely nothin' on me.”

Tod wasn't wearing underwear. Served me right.

“Pull your pants up, dude,” I said, looking him in the eye, constantly reminding myself not to look anywhere else.

Seeing as it was very, very cold,
He did so as slickly as he had dropped them,
And started pacing about with fervor.

I let out an exasperated breath.

“Okay,” I said, “I'm cool – you cool?”

Tod wasn't cool.
Tod was still pacing.
Thought he was about to Tantrum.

“It probably blew under one of these cars,” I explained to him, as though he actually gave two shits. “Come on, let's go through with the plan. I'm going to go up to my Locker and get my flashlight. We'll drop you at floor #3 on my way up.”

“Forget it, man.”

Tod was still pissed.

“Gonna light this spliff up right now,” he said, reaching into his pocket, “This night has been way too much.”

And this, I imagined, was how Tod probably dealt with most problems.

“You got a light, Bro?” he asked.

I heard him ask that over my shoulder,
But didn't respond.
At that point,
I was already entering the Locker Building
Quite aware that it was precisely the exact time to carry on without Tod
And in the meantime,
Perhaps question the haphazard scenarios I was putting myself through
All in order to avoid the demands of a 'normal job'
Just in order write and write and write where and whenever I liked all

<3 <3 <3 For Universal You <3 <3 <3

I pull my keycard out
Pressed the button to open the Elevator Doors
And Lo...

Facing up...
On the industrial elevator floor in all its pepperoni/anchovy stained glory...

My CUP of SOUP? Sign
- 9 sweet letters and one question mark -
Addressing me like:

'Yeah, I've been here,' said CUP of SOUP? 'And where the f*ck were u?'

“Hey Baby,” I said, as I happily retrieved her up. “You bailed on me,” I rightly accused, “As I rightly recall tucking you in between my back and sleep-pack tight.”

Behind me.
I turned around and held the elevator doors.
A Police Car parked out front.
Two policemen exited the vehicle.
Both walked directly towards the main office of the Locker Building.
They entered.

I walked casually through the Locker Garage Entrance,
Stepped outside,
Came to halt and had a look around.

Tod was gone.
Out of sight.
Had disappeared proper like a true thief of the night.

I stood there a moment longer,
Wondering what hard times this kid was going through,
What he had done and where he was off to now.

Remembering I had work to do, I got on my way.


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