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8 2 2015 | life ∞ love | chapter 59 — upon a midsummer…


life ∞ love

chapter 59 — upon a midsummer…


“In three words,
I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life:
it goes on.”

Robert Frost


back in Jan
he bought a
ticket to ride
SD, California
where a sis to be wed

San Diego hometown—
grounds of which he sprung,
& lived for
25 years,
til breaking nyc-ward
May 2012

w/ novel dreams
‘n plans fixed fast
blondyn took a train
to catch a plane
4 roughing it
Twain-Esque picturesque
Tom Sawyer unedit’d
via urban panorama

now July 2015
and tho blondyn
don’t make well w/ #s ,
he do approximate
~ million mistakes
~ hundred learnings
~ countless changes
experience / reflections uniquely had —
all of them
turning points
'long the way

(let’s see…)

babe started @ Central Park.
rats stomp’d them out their grounds.
cat moved to Hudson River.
cops routinely shook him down.
he spent a week in Harlem Hostel.
was spending cash too fast,
& so back to city streets
for more rounds of scrounging new plans

wan'n’t long after that
till a calm patch bloomed up
right 'long the West Side
where a rare
Liberty Street
proved comfy cozy

late @ night,
kid was just tucking in
beside a dog grooming shop
when girl tripped across him

a mutual startling.
girl ran yonder.
15 minutes passed,
when right like that
girl returned w/ bread

nights happened.
girl returned.
got to talkin’.
happened fast.
blondyn living in Trump Towers, 180
but manic depressive times had, too.
2013 turned 2014.
girl left nyc,
right like that
back to city streets

'but new scene,’
he thought, naturally.
1 that 'insist’ on 'stability’
minimal commute —
bare necessities —
w/ utmost focus on WRITING

by default,
his 24/7
Storage Locker,
had to be @ the center…
but Hell’s Kitchen
Time’s Square
Ad Space Dizzney Land Central

to adjust to new habitat,
blondyn switched
sleep dial to: Off
and ever since
it be the place
he been awake
around the clock

2014 turn 2015
as winds blow
season’s flow
both without & within
while day by change
of insight set in
til come that hour
like new —
time to move

and so a new chapter beginning
biopic streaming
realtime 'n raw
journalism account happening



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