Thursday, September 3, 2015

9 2 2015 | life ∞ love | chapter 74 — Manifest Destiny


life ∞ love

chapter 74 — Manifest Destiny



“Do not fix your spiritual ideal on a small mountain,
but hitch it to the star
of unqualified divine attainment.

If you work hard, you will get there.

Ram Gopal


if Google evolved,
so can i.
all joke aside…
thing is…
already been a butterfly & back again.
thus far in this
life ∞ love
changing font serifs
warn’t never ‘nough
to crystallize the cat.
in a fo-real kinda way.

comes a time in a man’s life,
when he looks in the mirror,
gets Narcissus Dazed,
says 'Rosebud,’
and actually does
all over again —
at which point,
he pretend it somehow
new 'n dif’ & be like:

“hot damn.
now, why didn’t I fly wit’
Mary Poppins’ advice
& spoon full of sugar sooner?”

early bloomers
to make us mӧtley crüe
look blüe.
but as far as learning goes,
showcase remains.
jus’ b/w us babe —
all he want to do
is dance like #ChrisBrown
Once Upon a #SpaceX Rocketship to Pluto.
for time being,
#Snoopy Shuffle
new comp. pad
must suffice the medley.

& how she sound?
too soon to tell?
naturally, hun.
but do get back 2 us would you?
o could u someday?
too soon to pretend even?
too true, indeed.
afterall —
product yet to be,
& when it comes to
ditching sessions
daily lessons,
yours truly
been an ace of late.

in any case,
wheel’s on fire.
if ya wanna peel out,
stick around —
Manifest Destiny
roman candling
herein + yonder

(going west)


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