Tuesday, February 25, 2014

§TA§O§ - Chapter 5 - HER - 3/3

And where do the OS's go?

The Question would not leave me.

Walking through the blustery evening of NYC,
I felt like one of those Film Noir characters
Oft seen shuffling through the gray streets,
Hands, stuck way down into deep pockets of a large trench coat,
Collar upturned and meeting the brim of the
Fedora Hat that cuts through winds so frosty their chill cuts a visible outline through the night...

The Fedora Hat Brim reveals only a slant of his shadowy face,
Surely being revealed by the headlight of an oncoming taxi,
When whoosh!

The silhouette pivots and shifts his momentum down a dark alley, where not even the glow of Twilight doth reach...

Of course, I wasn't wearing any of these things.
There was no dark alley,
Nor did the word 'doth' enter into any of these proceedings.

I was simply walking towards my Locker Room,
On way to get my sleep pack medley,
About to be passing through Times Square as I was reflecting upon the Question,
Upon her
And the Universe and I in unison...

There was a certainly a strange feeling about me...
Like an aura of something awakening...

Like at once, I was whimsically attentive, but dynamically rattled -
At full reign over my Destiny, but overwhelmed with the Present -
It was as though Freedom and Nothing were at once, beckoning me onward
To do my thing via wandering -
To be Infinitely Lost for the Æternal Discovery.

Yeah so I was sleepy, but the truth was that things were happening.

Walking beyond the Theatre Seats of Duffy Square
I was listening to the relevant? comments made by strangers in passing...
I was experiencing the relevant? motions reaching out to haunt me...
I was focusing on all the relevant? signs that were pointing
To the reel still rolling with her
Film broadcasting everywhere and one,
Forever with me...

'Am I already dreaming, or...'

I sized myself up; shook myself out; felt the doors of my perception, open, opened, opening...

Just before turning out from Times Square,
My attention was once again caught by the Billboard Sign of the Massive Eye,
- The Eye @ 48th Street and Broadway, approximately -
Wide open beneath 10 or so spotlights that I have never seen lit up -
(And mind you, this is the only Billboard I could find
In the very alive and celebrated 'Square of Time'
That is without its own entourage of High Density Showtime Shining)
And steadily gazing across the skyscrapers,
Over the bright, colorful, and attractive Epicenter of Technology -


And curiositizing about the nature of the Big Bang taking place in my mind,
My mind flits!
Skips a track back to her,
And now I'm wrapped up in thinking on how the Big Bang is at the bottom of this
- The Big Bang is at the top of this -
- The Big Bang has everything to do with she and I.

Picture this fastforwarding -

All is One, One is All, when suddenly - BOOM!
Big Bang!
All that Oneness is suddenly blown into far out proportions of Space and Time
In a 'Universe-is-Expanding' kind of way.
Hence Interaction!
Subatomic Particles, Molecules, Water and Sun!
Dinosaurs! (Radical)
Mammals! (Magical)
Us! Us! Us! (And Technological Fun)

What is consciousness?

How do you measure awareness?

What does it mean 'To Be Human,' when the only truly 'Organic' thing we have left to us is Sleep?

Big Bang!

If right now,
This instant,
We met for the first time and something took place that jump-started some relationship between us,
I believe,
In a very scientific and miraculous kind of way,
That throughout our lives, we have somehow drawn ourselves to one another,
And that upon this 'First Time Encounter,'
Some cosmic Mass/Energy Exchange has taken place -
Some subconscious eye within each us has triggered a conscious reaction -
An inherent desire for something we admire in the character of one another.

I imagine,
You are as a Living Fraction of I
And I, a Living Fraction of You
And that together,
Our individual selves will somehow account for the Missing Components
That our Mutual Presence subtly yearns to acquire.

What I am stating is that each Human Being is as a Broken Puzzle.
Each one of us is composed of X and Y amount of pieces
- Parts that are fused; parts that are missing -
And that by engaging, interacting, and communicating on different levels,
We are gradually gaining/reacquainting with lost parts of our Selves
- We are becoming and growing into a species of more wholesome Human Beings.

We advance one another -
We complete one another -
Technology is speeding the process up as it brings us together.

'Are you safe and warm?'

I'm just about to pass the street-spot I'm soon to be sleeping on,
When I receive this text from Trump Sis,
As I'm thinking about her and what she means to me,
While she and I, right now, are as strange extensions of our own technology
Exchanging nothing but digits, words, Letters and the like, like one OS to another.

I'm wild, methinks, but Yes-Yes, Sí-Sí, C-C...

'Comfy-Cozy,' I text.

And where do the OS's go?
Are they one within us?
Has not the software of the phone at my fingertips already been imparted unto my prowess and functionality?

O really?

Try me - Check me - Hype me - Text me -

(143) 1LOVE-YE


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