Saturday, July 11, 2015

7 11 2015 | life ∞ love | chapter 46 – Power Hour


life ∞ love

chapter 46 – Power Hour


“Nothing can substitute for just plain hard work.
I had to put in the time to get back.
And it was a grind.”

Andre Agassi


went to see the psychic
to get a word
on facing future
but psychic was on celly
(seemed long distance)
def important.

so booked it
through nyc avenues,
as pondering on exacting a design for

Creative Commons
Open Source
Conscious Capitalism Creation

and in such a way that
promote the creator of a community
4 the infinity + beyond

envision a Kickstarter
happening at the Individual Level —
w/ virtually no middle man,
where the people within their niche
create + sponsor one another’s work —
all of which is designed to be Creative Commons Licensed
(not opposed to, but rather than - Copyright)
hence sponsor further Creation.

in terms of writing,
this is about creating a ‘Creative Commons’ World
where any writer can stage their story.

envision a WWW for Storytelling…

should have a better idea on this
in terms of direction
come Summer Swing
(btw when that?)
up til then -
beta model on display -
of life ∞ love
flint + steel
spark + fire
over over over
yet again
new beginning
until lighting that
beam via Direction w/ realtime lights camera action
to come through to u
like something 4ever in bloom

o p.s. —

psychic —
if u meta-'llumined 'nough to dig —
let’s u + i get back stat to facing future —



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