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Aladdyn Exponential
is the story of the Youth,
on a Crusade to rescue his Long Lost Love.


In the beginning,
he is traveling through a desert amidst a Caravan,
when one night,
he falls asleep.
Upon awaking —
the Caravan,
nowhere to be found...
when lo and behold —
the Youth discovers a Golden Oil Lamp.
Upon picking it up,
he is pulled inside,
at which point, his journey begins.


Start to finish,
Aladdyn Exponential is composed of three tales —
the first (featuring the Youth)
evolves into the second (featuring the Inventor),
and evolves into the third (featuring Quantum[X]) -
three tales that constitute one singular story,
divided into two parts – Part 0 and Part 1


PART 0 relays the reader between the first and third tale.
It is inspired by the likes of Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Bible,
and many other great works
that have inspired and shaped the world around us.
If you choose to read this free PDF release,
you may be especially stimulated by

The Youth's 3 Fantastic Fantasy Narrations
A Theory On How The Sun And Stars Were Created
An Adaptation of the Original Creation Story

Aladdyn Exponential is not by any means a 'Heavy Read'
however -
the insight, experience and meditations of thought
that have gone into its creation
I do truly believe,
(from the bottom to top of my heart)
render it,
to some measure,
a valuable piece of literary fiction
expressed via entertaining read —
everyone has a unique / extra-special opinion.
in any case,
enjoy —
the Free PDF is now available to read / download on your PDF
(click Universe)
and by the way...


Aladdyn Exponential is licensed:
Creative Commons / Open Source
aka, Future-Friendly (more to come)



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