Monday, July 20, 2015

7 20 2015 | life ∞ love | chapter 52 – bottom-UP


life ∞ love

chapter 52 – bottom-UP


“Of all the trees we could’ve hit, we had to get one that hits back.”

J.K. Rowling


and tho we still full-on rattled of the blows
do believe
it knocked the most us
str8'n up
from negative-below zero

o how so?
(i know—i know—right?)
like here this wanna be lick of mojo go again —
taking his morning skinny-dip
into oceanic fantasy
for a freestyle flicker of seismic frolick.
(u know the routine)

o yes.
from right about here now,
he’ll go on
yarning some yearning of dreamy dispellings
til swinging a left turn
and unconventionally-like

now hold up a sec babe—
reflect / check the rep —

we still here?
bent on progress?
working with that help create a change in the worldkinda mindset?
am i writing to u right this sec in the flesh?
well …
u knew this herein thing twixt us
was never no outright overnight kinda go…
life ∞ love
a flow to grow,
but must be nurtured
responsibly + healthily
every every every
step of the way…
(every every every)

yes yes —
will readily admit
to being guilty as the next cat
of the crime of the centuries
but you betcha
we’re still bent on
working aspiring flying
to improve our fitness right along the Ӕternal Test.
yes yes —
as it ever had been,
but a definite newness —
(stage?phase?fantasy?(i know—i know—right?))
of the commitment hath happened …
(happening herein)

a tree w/ roots
gotta to dig deep
unto the Mind Heart Spirit
of what we be
(both ugly / beauty)
in order to unearth the spectrum most completely
heal properly
Discovering Attaining Perfecting
the Self most true…

transcend unto the
for which you were born to bloom



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