Tuesday, June 2, 2015

6 2 2015 - Chapter 15 - URGENT! Writing Assignment 1001



URGENT! Writing Assignment 1001

“Where should I go?“ asked Alice. “That depends on where you want to end up,” answered Cat.

- Alice In Wonderland (Approximately)


URGENT! Writing Assignment 1001

it’s what e-mail subject letterhead read.
CAPS meant DO.
blondyn opened e-mail and examined instructions through—

1. Create 10 Social Media Advertisements—Target Audience: The Aspiring Writer In You
2. 50 Words or Less
3. Due: NOW

blondyn kept cool.
then @ the CopyDesk,
pulled out a Lucky Strike Cigarette—
lit it,
then tossed in the trash
and said—

“war—what is it good for?”

he paused.

“smoking will slow you down, love” said blondyn, “we got work to do—runs to bound.“

[paid for advertisement?]

blondyn fixed on the bright and round shining
out the CopyDesk window,
and decided if he was up for a sunset he’d have to move fast.

“i’m going to time you,” he told himself, then on’d it & began typing.


Want To Be A Journalist?

So Get The Story!

-actionary climax

Mix in bowl, dash with spice, throw in oven @ 451 Fahrenheit.  Once it gets that golden brown, you’re gonna wanna grab an app. plate.  Serve piping hot.

What are you whipping up?

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blondyn stopped timer + checked work.

entertaining-like, kinda…?
probably doesn’t fit word constraint…


“and how’d we do on time?”

blondyn checked watch—
40 seconds.

“so we’ll run with it for now and along the way, discover”



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  1. run with it cause it's good :) and lasagna,piping hot lasagna :) great day to you.