Monday, June 29, 2015

6 29 2015 - life ∞ love - chapter 40 : We All Want To Change The World


life ∞ love

chapter 40 : We All Want To Change The World


“You may say I’m a dreamer…”

John Lennon


but not the only one,
and ever since living for today
looks movement begun—

so once upon a May Day— )
superhuman individuals sponsoring extraordinary purpose
inspired blondyn beyond the brink of
the reality that be
and unto thoughts on
a future worth creating
thus forwarding a realm of introspection
that assumed rough dimension
once upon a June Bloom of OM meditations— )
Legacy Objectives
to which he fastened focus with thoroughbred passion.

the question remained:

how to change the world for the better via these objectives?
to what finite degree can we reinvent reality?

let’s see.
not going to be easy
may cost the life of us
yet even so,
we know we know we know
we do 4 love
1 love
and love only…

we not the faint of heart.
already switched the day job
have got to give all we got
if to push through
this facet
of diamond opportunity.

& hey hey, kid,
don’t get nervous—
not trying to get u involved with something u want no part in.
but while there’s no style in doing this alone,
guess what—
we’re going do this.
have to prove this.
making this happen
as it has to
and already
one way
(another, too)
and if our contribution
to the revolution
be just a tincy bit of the whole process,
we’ll call it a seed,
verily, verily
the idea was sown
unto the mind heart spirit of us
a long, long time ago
via means / reasons far beyond.

u + i
know by now
we can only live
by the light
of the truth within—
now shining—
new rising—
dawn on the oasis



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