Friday, June 26, 2015

6 26 2015 - life ∞ love - Chapter 36 : Do Thy Duty


life ∞ love

Chapter 36 : Do Thy Duty


“Non nobis solum nati sumus.”

(“Not for ourselves alone are we born.”)

Marcus Tullius Cicero

called unto action.
decision to be made.


he reflected,
but dared not refuse.

the Crusade was to be made
for blondyn understood
life ∞ love
was a gift of potential, beyond him—
to be discovered by the Test.

he zenzed the Way
would be hard,
but with time of the Essence
took a deep breath
determined vision 
and wrote a prayer to hold him fast—

awaken thy purpose
enlighten thy action
take wing, young mighty
soar fast via thy truth.
the flight hard and endeavorous
for icarus, for daedalus—
heracles forth
faith and grace
for excalibur summits

new daring, coming soon



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