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6 3 2015 - Chapter 16 - Social Media Enterprise


Chapter 16

Social Media Enterprise


“But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was…”

- Luke 10:33


Social Media Enterprise

blondyn’d dawn’d upon the job earlier this year.

all came to event
upon a mid-winter night
when winds were whipping the grid of NYC cross streets,
far as eye could see.
far as all that,
he was alright.
barriers on three sides.
tractor, cones, ‘Construction Zone’ Lane Signs.
he’d just bundled up
into all three his sleeping bag sleeves.
was still cozying,
searching night
for stars apart the bright skyscraper city
as an icy breeze,
came in strong from that open side,
barreling and needling the side of his cheek.

“we’ll wrestle that cold the whole night through,” said blondyn, “and get a solid-night’s sleep while doing.”

he hadn’t even pull’d out the dynarex.
Survival Rescue Blanket—
a soft,
tin-foil-like material
developed from the insulation used in space exploration.
stuff reflected back 90% body heat.
essence of light-weight heavy duty.

“and if it snows we’ll unburrow as the squirrel.“

a door opened.
across street.
didn’t look.
just a happening.
casual animating.
doors open close always.
was nearly dozing—

“Excuse me.”

when he opened his eyes.

a man at his side—
fresh haircut, pressed uniform—
about to speak—

“A Guest saw you here…” he continued, “Wants to put you up in a room.”

blondyn gazed through cold winds oncoming.
where across the street,
a hotel,
centered with a luminous doorway—
shadowy figure,
framed by the light.

this a new one, thought blondyn.

“thanks,” he said, “but night’s well under way, and already setup here.”

worker shook head.

“Nah, come inside,” he ordered, “Guy’s already fixed your own room.”

blondyn pondered.
truth is,
was snug,
three layers of catepillar plush round him.
(REI / KMART blend)
((aroma, complex))

but who?
just who?
was this Good Samaritan he at least must thank.

blondyn arose,
packed up,
crossed street and stepped into hotel lobby.

“This way,” said the man, energized with duty.

he pressed elevator button as blondyn continued turning bout empty lobby.

“where’s this Guest?”

Elevator door opened then.

“The Guest already in their room,” he said, “Yours’ this way.”

he stepped in the Elevator,
blondyn followed,
was delivered up to room, board, view—


the youth breathed it in,
(all it)
set down stuff
looked around,
while worker made observations—

“Light switch’s here, remote control there, towel’s in bathroom—get a solid night’s sleep.”

as closing the door behind him,
blondyn stepped to the window,
and again searched for stars midst bright vault of Alive City.

“must thank this Good Samaritan…”

in time,
thanks followed,
and was followed with Social Media Enterprise.


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blondyn took a breath, stretched, ached.
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last track to lace.

“pound this number,” he said, “then full-blast Summer Running.”



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