Friday, June 5, 2015

6 5 2015 - Chapter 18 - Fly Visionary Fly


Chapter 18

Fly Visionary Fly



“Don’t get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water.”

—Bruce Lee


—type type type—

and cut!—that’s a draft.

blondyn collapsed across grassy hilltop like love at last…

lower back—panging.
hyper-extended Achilles—refraining.
leg muscles—tightening, aka, threatening cramps / requesting additional high-voltage post-run stretching.

blondyn lost
to something like sanctity.

don’t think, he thought.
take 5, he added—
5 minutes to just breath & let the skin sip Sun inside ya…

just then,
a kite swing into sight above.

under weight of the sun,
blondyn turned head.

a girl.
6 or 7?
one-handed + high-flying her kite like newborn natural.

“musta up'n jumped the cradle…”

so get the shot!

blondyn oust’d iPhone—
swiped / framed shot—
girl / kite—bottom left—
freedom tower—top right—
and the youth fall back beneath a draft of seeds breezy ‘bove he.

“and just how long can one keep up this exactly?”

thought beckoned—

see those?
seeds of nyc—
stories to be sown & grown unto the dream of truth / beauty.


now if you’re mindful, hearty, moving
some those seeds may bloom way to blondy,


remember, babe—
one day, sunset;
til then, sunrise—
so ride & write & ride it high
imaginary blessings happen all ways—
(fly visionary fly)

as watching on the seeds
& the kite swinging in + out the scene—
he reflected on what it all could possibly mean—



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  1. glad you had a reflective day :) today was great too.take it easy on the weekend.