Tuesday, May 19, 2015

5 19 2015 - transcendence is NOW

flawed, fighting—
seeking salvation—
striving for summits,
falling into deprivations

abysmal depressions
swathe within and around
when above, dawn of light—
suddenly found?

wheel of fortune, beneath us,
appears from the darkness
was there all along,
awaiting our harness.

by conscious step, advance,
time ever turn round,
preparation perfect,
your step, ever bound.

yet narrow the rim
of the path’s rapid spin,
stay laced to the pace,
new life ever begin.

your decisions, your actions—
do you fathom how precious?
your thoughts, your judgments—
do you renew thy perceptions?

nurture thy nature
unto harmony sound
dont look back! no false step!
transcendence is NOW!


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