Saturday, May 30, 2015

5 30 2015 - Chapter 12 - ABC


Chapter 12


steps forth—
swings door—
joy of children harmonies across him!

"Ba ba ba ba ba ba

Da da da da da da

You went to school to learn girl,

Things you never-never knew before...“

and its 11-year-old Michael Jackson—
singing out the speakerboxx cloud
@ Gotham West Market
with that voice that ring like Golden Child

blondyn got that
nyc move-it-or-lose-it pep to his step
preparing to explode in on the CopyDesk—

-backpack's whipped 'round
-chromebook flipped out
-system opened, revved, processing like—

vrroom-rooom! — beep!

he zoomed in on his
OS To-Do List
to groom the readiness of his function—

“for real?...

he subconsciously bit his lower lip.

“look at all this to-do ness...”

to-do ness:


routine was nothing out the ordinary,
but with the dream from chapter 7 )
came new priority—flash journalism story—
and seeing as the real-time medium
appeared insistent upon a writing methodology paradigm shift,
blondyn was caught,
questioning everything.

“and where a cat to start...?” he frazzled, “and what a dog got to do?” he fdazzled, “and how a bee get to humming in on the honey-value most true?”

“It's easy as ABC.”

“c'mon, Michael.”

“It's easy as 123.”

“Michael, please.”

“It's simple as Do-Re-Mi,



Baby, you and me, girl.”

“alright you win,” said blondyn, “we'll just dive in.”

and with the PYT
vibing through his CNS,
blondyn was just about to play a number of his own—

when his Main-Man
rolled up beside him



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  1. Nice...i like this and story of our lives my friend.take care.Great weekend to you.You should take a Sunday break...just saying,please don't mind me.