Thursday, May 28, 2015


Chapter 10

Star Light, Star Bright

We feel that we have a responsibility to…
shine the light…
into the darkness

- Blackstar

if only one could fathom on fashioning it to Writing…

…Chapter 9 thought echoed all the way into Chapter 10…
til suddenly—
voice dawned upon him.

“blondyn—” said Vasudeva, “Come here, help us with this.”

blondyn used to work @ Whole Foods Market.
still bought his apple-carrot combo
near every single day

(holy ritual)

“Hold the ladder please while I change this bulb.”

blondyn obeyed,

“how does this fit to the world of writing?”

he noted the speed of the Supply X Demand Exchange all around him—
NYC Consumers & Producers X HQ Whole Foods Market Interface.

“speed’s one thing,” he said, “but HQness on the fly?”

he got shy.

“how in the world of writing can you flip any tidbit of HQ Realtime Propensity unless it stripped of your very step?”

he got on with it.

“torn of your mojo—rugged as the struggle—bare as your daring do and dedicated reason for which you breath-ride-be?”

he sighed.

Vasudeva removed the burnt out flash,
dropped it in the trash,
grabbed a frash bulb from the produce line.

blondyn got on with it.

“abounding presence of the social media medium be a caliber fit for streaming a day in the life … a true life story … but golly, honestly, who’d care to hear?”

Vasudeva turned stern suddenly.

“You’re in New York City…” he said, “Could you reflect on the times?”


“You have a peculiar mode of lifestyle…” he added, “Would you relay insightful perspective?”


“You have a fascinating story,” he concluded, “Should you touch it with a hint of classic?”

“wait a second V, when did ii ever share you on my story?” he asked, “and in terms of classic, and it ‘nough these days to jus’ be cute 'n motley?”

Vasudeva continued turning the bulb.

“a poetry journalism flash epic delivered daily may honestly be over the top, even for me…” said blondyn, “and yet, could make for a spine—a parallel backbone for a future novel via journalism on the fly—the story—the narrative—the crusade you’ve been ever after all the while…”

never 'fore seen
waves of light
dawning inside realizatory capillaries.

part of him knew it was all nonsense.
possibly yet another transitory fleeting.
but it was endearing him w/ fabulous passing
and he chose to hold onto it as usual with his sacred majestic precious sense of urgency.

and like that, Vasudeva’s light went on.

“There it is.”

checking on blondyn’s firm hold, he climbed down the three steps, one by one
as the young one
kept assessing on
the Train of Thought Experience he was dedicating himself to deliver.

“Here you go.”

Vasudeva handed blondyn the 5 lb bag of carrots he routinely purchased.

“o mama…” he said as accepting, “why not?”

blondyn grabbed up an apple, too, and got on with singing—

“a lot of stars is trekking
ain’t nothing final about the frontier
Train of Thought came to take you there, yeah
Train of Thought came to take you there, yeah
the Train of Thought came…”


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