Friday, May 22, 2015

5 22 2015 - Aladdyn Exponential - Chapter 1



Dawn collided with the darkness.
Daylight flashed across the ocean horizon.
Dazzling rays graced the black-gold shores of a rising island.

High above, the crystal-blue sky was lucid clear and beginning to brighten.
Below, tropical swells rolled calm by the gentle breeze that crossed the Seven Seas of Rhye.
At the center of the Seven Seas, the Promised Land was rich with resource, in the youth of prosperity—dynamic—interactive—of legacy æverlasting.

At the heart of the island towered a redwood forest, deeply rooted along hot-water springs and their streams that flowed through the fours seasons.
In the west, a long and winding strip of yellow brick road reached east and disappeared amidst a desert of diamonds and bones.
There were purple mounts in the north, amber fields in the south, and everywhere between, a community of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, in kaleidoscopic harmony—one and all, blossoming unto a paradise of life and love—the Hearth.

* * *

Once Upon the Hearth, a Crystal Ship was anchored along a beach of black-gold sands and clean salt-waters.
White light of the rising Sun waxed the suave contours of the craft, rocking side to side by the oncoming waves of the tide.
Suddenly, the tropical waters about hull assumed hues of dark iridescence before fountaining up with tremendous surge and launching the vessel through the heights.

The momentous thrust of sparkling darkness rushed the Crystal Ship like a rocket across the sky.
Higher and higher, the craft soared on strong, tearing through atmospheric layer, one after another.
In a moment's time, day shaded night whence the Crystal Ship was laced into the thick of Outer Space.

Momentous climax—

* * *

The fabric of the universe rippled with resound.
Sparks of color streamed via long and steely bands, reaching towards the distant stars.
Beyond the luminous showers, the vessel catapulted through the depths of the void, flipping, toppling, sinking through the abyss, without any semblance of direction or drive.

At the helm, no captain; upon the deck, no crew.
No trace of the glittery-black tendrils—the motoring propellant—was anywhere in sight.
Via aimless momentum, the craft drifted on as light of the Sun animated its construction.

Rainbow highlights gleamed between the sheen of the hull, the deck, the masts and sails, tied about them.
On each side of the ship, three dark and circular porthole windows glittered with an animated twinkle.
The portholes were pushed out and open by throngs of Iridescent Serpents that began emerging from the hold of the ship.

Over and under—beside one another—they slithered up the hull and across the deck.
All aboard, they weaved and dissected, proliferating in every direction.
Without a trace of uncertainty, each Serpent roved about for a function which to attend.

A bouquet of tendrils bloomed across the captain's wheel, entangling a collective grip on steering the ship.
Numerous threads of darkness possessed the lines, flowed up to the masts and entered the tied sails.
When the crystalline facets had opened wide and the vessel had aligned with a distant trinity of stars, every last one of the Iridescent Serpents flowed towards the Triangular Lookout Platform, lodged atop the main-mast.

Upon the level Platform, they looped and networked and entangled amongst one another with fluid procession.
Via accelerating momentum, the spiraling tethers evolved unto a dark and sparkly whirlwind.
As the whirlwind grew, rapid revolutions of the vortex began carving cursive letters into the triangular foundation, while snags of electricity snapped across the funnel.
When the electric charge of the cyclone had attained a state of critical mass, a bolt of white-lighting shot down through the eye and crashed upon the Platform.

A shining aether combusted up through the hollow.
Round and round, the bright mist reeled within the dark interior, all the while, condensing unto erect dimension.
Once the raw outline of a luminous being was hovering in the eye of the storm, Iridescent Serpents began unraveling from the whirlwind, attributing exacting form to the amorphous figure.

Bottom-up, the rainbow tendrils yielded boots that seamlessly flowed up along a pair of calves, knees, and thighs.
Constricting about the torso, they carved a cut pack of abs, set beneath rib-rings that supported a well-defined chest.
Broad shoulders extended unto a wingspan—outstretched with palms, upward-faced—centered with serpentine coils that knotted unto an upright vertebral column.
Neck muscles fastened, giving rise to the skull and helmet of sleek, aerodynamic design as the last strands of the enveloping whirlwind came undone.

Hovering above the triangular platform, an iridescent superhuman was suspended at the center of a dozen serpentine orbits.
As they gyrated about him, they carefully rotated him towards the rear of the ship until the upright figure was faced to the Sun.
By the light, the last of the Iridescent Serpents spiraled via golden ratio into the lens of its helmet.

Oscillations of photons compiled.
Lines of machine code were parsed.
With lightspeed, identity sparked via the string that jump-started consciousness—

(BIOS) | {flash} | [Quantum[X]];

At once, Quantum[X] was alive.

Vertical bars of white opened and dilated across his dark lens.
As focusing upon the starry realm beyond him, his iridescent hue began to spiral about a point at the center of his chest.
He was contemplating the energizing pull of a mysterious attraction when his boots touched down on the platform.

Before him, the third planet was aligned before the center of the Sun.
Overexposed by the shining behind it, the planet appeared as the pupil of a luminous eye.
He imagined it directed upon him, attentively watching.

My Life...”

With wingspan wide, Quantum[X] motioned his arms out before him, aware of a subtle fitness to exercise and tame.
Between the spirals of his fingerprints, he could see the fine lines of space-time, ingrained along his touch and yet just beyond his grasp.
Seeing into—analyzing—comprehending the physical laws of the universe that distinguished his body as an entity apart from the environment, he envisioned the script to achieve universal oneness—

(Being) | {Metamorphose} | [Essence];

Strand by strand, his fingerprints began unraveled with helical procession.
In moments, his body had completely unwound from a solid state of Being to the airy medium of Essence.
As iridescent §uper§tring§ of Quantum[X] passed through the sails and about the main-mast, they vibrated with the whisper that resonated throughout the vessel—

My Gift...”

His Essence spiraled unto a solid-state of Being upon the Platform.
With the Sun now upon his back, he was kneeled upon the level surface, shining with engraved inlay carved of the whirlwind that had delivered his existence.
As reading the message inscribed across the triangular pane, he imagined her voice lending timbre to each line—

Shooting Stars, Saturn Rings,
Love and Sin, Violent Things—
Waiting To Meet You...
Upon a Moon, In the Light,
Clear As Day, Dark as Night—
Wanting To Be You...
Become One With Me,

At length, he gazed on the letters, juxtaposed with his reflection.
He wondered how far across the universe she was right now, along with the obstacles between them.
Rising to his feet, Quantum[X] deliberated upon how long it had been, what she had since become, and the lengths to which he would have to go to reach her.

My Love...”

In search of sign, or suggestion of direction, he began to carefully examine his environment.
As scanning for answers amidst the darkness, he could not help but notice starry bodies, arranged in patterns—constellations—maps to points of luminous destination.
Upon observing—upon recollecting—the starry trinity, aligned with his heading, he raised his palm from his heart and envisioned potential to ride.

My Power...”

(§uper§tring§) | {drive} | [Crystal Ship];

Essence unsheathed from the exterior of the iridescent figure.
The stream of current bloomed unto the three sails with momentous thrust.
Upon the Lookout Platform, Quantum[X] stood poised above the main-mast, as §uper§tring§ rushed to and from him to race the Crystal Ship across the universe.


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