Friday, May 22, 2015

5 22 2015 - enlightyn

look babe.
something magical happened.
came of your smile.
no, honest.
affect of your sparkle.
stop it.
no you stop it.
okay fine.
will take this time
t tell you in
on how you saved
my life by large.
no, honest.
you did.
and with one word—

e n l i g h t y n

what about it?
can’t say.
not that ii don’ wanna.
just can’t quite figure on how one oughta.
poetry babe.
go figure.
certain our love sparked it.
happened in the darkness.
yesterday was hard.
you know how somedays written in sorrow?
tragedy was yesterday.
yeah mama.
then came dawn.

all started the night before.
nightmare had slipped inside me.
complete loss—
utter destitution—
crazy absolute darkness
within & without me.

didn’t want to live no more.
was sinking in sappy abyss,
drowning inside out,
was just about gone
when through all the psychological dissonance,
universal ripple of your voice
cut through the mire
to reach me
the one word
that you, babe—
that you
had spoken—

e n l i g h t y n

your word, mama.
midst the thick of the darkness,
was seeing stars in the shape of your portrait
right like that,
underworld disappeared
opened my eyes
to a new day upon me,
rays of sunshine
in my eyes,
quite unlike
any i’d ever seen before.

didn’t understand right away,
and well past noon up til early evening—
the whole of yesterday—
was confused as questioning
every oz. of my self-esteem—
my reason for existence—
my purpose & core belief
in driving forth
w/ aeternal fortitude
in order to overcome struggle monumental.

and then,
well beyond the sun had set, babe,
you and I met
by the starlight over central park
and upon catching that outline of your face,
your word, babe—

e n l i g h t y n

flashed through me.
did ii show it?
cause it hit like lightning.
sight of you, babe,
struck me with soul power
time spent with you
ignited a power hour
of self-realization + inner discovery.

“ ‘nough being bunt cake,” ii decided.

high-time to jumpstart metamorphosis of reinvention 101—
a hyper-animated self : environment state of engagement.
absorb like everlasting & render high quality life daily.

must open UP—
become more transparent—
a model of positive motion all along the rise
via creation of supernatural value
til my mind : heart : spirit ratio
brilliant as your starshine,
that saved me from the start.

remember always, babe—
before you set forth your Way,
every moment
by every thought
that you have throughout your day
comprises every opportunity
we will ever have here on Earth.

for our time here today,
whether together or apart,
let’s agree to create symphony between us—
a revolution Magum Opus,
to resound from this generation
to those beyond
majestic celebration
life + love.

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