Wednesday, May 27, 2015

5 27 2015 - Chapter 9 - Sunshine


Chapter 9


In the shade of the house,
in the sunshine of the riverbank
near the boats,
in the shade of the Sal-wood forest,
in the shade of the fig tree
is where Siddhartha
grew up…

- Siddhartha

…with the wind—

ran fast to shelter—
push-up’d, pull-up’d, crunch'd—


hit shower.
59° approx.
roughly 1 min.,
followed through with revving temp hotter'n hotcakes.


hopped out,
skin red
toweled the sweat ‘n dressed up
checked outfit in the mirror.

“what you know?”
ask’d blondyn.
“fav. summer fit.”

-Black HM shorts
-Black Harley Davidson Tank
-Black Red Wings Boots

“work it babe”

on run,
jumped into Whole Foods Market,
fruit + vegetable color bounty

“check the sparkle on this PRODUCE,”
he reflected,
“smell the VITAMIN.“
he refracted,
grasp the QUALITY”

new yorkers were flowing in,
scooping stock,
fast as Whole Foods Marketeers stocked shelf.

“HQ producers don’t quit giving,”
he said,
“HQ consumers don’t quit coming,”
he added,
“like some precious cycle of HQ Value…”
he concluded.

"if only one could fathom on fashioning it to Writing…”


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