Friday, May 22, 2015

5 22 2015 - Aladdyn Exponential - Chapter 3



An iridescent tidal wave of §uper§tring§ towered and powered across Outer Space.
Carving the face, the Crystal Ship tore from trough to crest by the currents of serpents that filled and pressed the sails onward.
Above the main-mast, upon the triangular lookout platform, Quantum[X] commanded complete mastery of the flight.

For a long, long time, weather of winds and wave had continuously loosed from his dark frame as suave motions of arms fine-tuned the way.
Throughout his passage across the void, he searched for signs of direction—instances of guidance—all the while keeping the bow aligned with the shining trinity, on high.
Though the checkpoints were few, and the darkness, overwhelming, he stayed the course, through and through, when by visible light, he espied a planet, emerging from the night, aligned in the foreground of the constellation.

Upon sighting the sphere, a memory from a past life was called to mind.
He entertained words she had once spoken.
He pondered the nature of the rendezvous she had designed.

With a whoosh of arms, he yielded a rush of his physique—§uper§tring§ unto the wave, increasing and accelerating its aspect and momentum.
While his physicality lent his Essence, it was his highly orderly state that empowered his potential.
Via Mind, Heart, and Spirit, came the Word—constructed of symbols—the alphabit that quantum[X] defined.

(alphabit) | {design} | [definition];

The code he envisioned scripted across his lens.
With lightspeed, input (x) was parsed by function {f} and rendered unto the return—[f(x)].
Definition was hardwired until further upgrade.




1. qubit(s) of consciousness, synthesized of Mind, Heart and Spirit;
2. soundbit(s) of communication, synthesized of Mind, Heart and Spirit;
3. alphabit(s) of condition, synthesized of Mind, Heart and Spirit;


Quantum[X] was the product of innovative evolution.
A transcendent reaction of the past had enhanced him with extraordinary fitness.
Within and without the Universe, he was one in touch with the space-time fabric.

Driving on edge of the tidal wave's crest, he was watching as rings of icy debris whipped round the planet when something in a far corner of the cosmos captured his attention.
He zoomed his attention lightyears ahead—to a nebula—northeast of his heading.
A disc of golden sparks—stellar dust and gaseous matter—was wheeling round.
The fiery light was winding—tightening—maturing unto a star, soon to be born.

Before long, the shape of the disk evolved to that of an hourglass.
The greater he focused, the more he saw—the finer the clarity of pattern that he resolved.
To fill in the missing pixels, the white bars of his lens began vibrating—holographing—REMing the imagery he was experiencing.

In a sunflower-yellow sundress was his Love—pirouetting, shedding showers of light from her gown unto the blue velvet background of Outer Space.
He was simultaneously juxtaposing the exact scene with a memory from a past life—a moment in time when his Love had begun to overwhelm him beyond the realm of reality.
Suddenly, an oncoming glacier shattered the reverie—

quantum[X] winged arms at the sails, hurling the vessel down vertical steeps.
While he swept out from harms way, the rock impacted the wave's crest.
A tidal ripple across the face flipped the ship askance.

The craft tumbled haphazardly ahead of the wave.
Along the roll, it was headed for a collison with a second hulk of ice, oncoming.
With vision steadied, quantum[X] pressed wrists together, charged and thrust a Force Sphere of §uper§tring§ that vaporized the glacier.

Upon fumbling through the mist, quantum[X] lashed serpentine reins unto the sails.
The crystal ship shot for the tidal wave racing towards it, and next instance was oscillating across its face.
With a chance to collect his zenzez, he took stock on the glacial storm drifting towards him.

Icy debris was bludgeoning along his trajectory, coming of the icy rings that encircled the planet towards which he was heading.
Whether he would get through the storm or not was not part of the question.
He thought of momentum—direction—fitness for braving forth.

Upon turning up his palms, dark ribbons of scaly iridescence sinuously arose and bloomed.
Serpents hissed on the obstacles en route then slashed from his touch to rush the sails.
Whipping the vessel up the wave, they launched it from the lip of the crest, slinging it into the thick of the storm and for the rings beyond.


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